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Peru Chanchamayo Highland

Peru Chanchamayo Highland

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Elevate Your Senses: Premium Coffee from Chanchamayo, Peru


Delight in our medium-bodied coffee, where the journey begins with a captivating maple syrup aroma and subtle hints of nuttiness. A zestful acidity weaves through, leading to a vibrant finale of brown sugar, cinnamon, and creamy caramel. Revel in the sophisticated harmony of flavors with every sip.

Origin & Craft:

Sourced from the heart of the Chanchamayo Province in Peru's Junín Region, this coffee is the product of small family farms dedicated to organic and fair trade practices. Nestled under the dense canopy of the Amazon, 100% Arabica beans are shade-grown, enhancing their flavor while conserving the forest's rich biodiversity. The meticulous washed process the beans undergo ensures a cup that's as pure as its environment.


Elevation: Grown at 4,000 to 6,500 feet, where the unique terroir deepens the coffee's flavor profile.

Process: Washed for ultimate clarity and a vibrant taste.

Sourcing: Committed to direct trade, ensuring ethical practices and quality.

Roast: A medium roast that perfectly highlights the beans' intrinsic qualities.

Size: Available in an 8oz option, ideal for aficionados seeking depth and integrity in their coffee.

Indulge in a cup that's more than just coffee—it's a celebration of tradition, environmental stewardship, and the rich tapestry of the Chanchamayo Province. Each brew is an homage to the meticulous care and respect for nature that defines their coffee.

Customer Reviews

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Margaret Brake
Oh How I Miss Peru!

This coffee brought me back to my wonderful trip to Peru! Delicious.

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